What is #Mines Collection?

Mines is an evolving project created by digital artist Nachei. A mysterious wagon transports gems and other valuable items collected from different magical worlds.

How many different scenes will there be?

There will be 50 different scenes from Mines.

Where to buy #Mines?

You can buy #Mines directly from Opensea.

When are the #Mines drops?

All information will be posted on Twitter and Discord. A notice will be published approximately one week in advance.

How do I access the Discord?

All information will be posted on Twitter and Discord. At the moment, only owners of an edition of Mines have access. Once you become a collector, you will be able to unlock an invitation.

How many editions be minted?

There will be 1/1, 4/4, 5/5, 6/6, 7/7, 8/8, 10/10, 15/15, 20/20.

Is there Early Access to Mines? How can I access it?

Early Access will start from scene #6 and you will be able to access it through the Discord.

A friend told me that there is one edition Give-Away of almost every chapter!!! How do I participate?

It's very easy, you need to stay tuned on Twitter and follow the steps of the post.

What is the role of a trait?

Each trait grants unique properties and rarities among the different scenes, depending on the NFT trait there will be draws, surprises and advantages for the owners.

Why should I collect these NFTs?

The main reason for collecting any of these editions is to believe and support my work. #Mines is a personal work created not only to function as a nft but also for the enjoyment of the viewer. Every time you purchase an edition you are helping Nachei to continue to dedicate himself to creating this collection.